Presidential Committee

The Presidential Committee is one of VDR’s main management and control bodies. It is made up of the President and up to five other members. In addition, the Chief Executive Director of the VDR may also be elected member of the Presidential Committee. 

The Board of Directors elects the President and the other members of the Presidential Committee from its own ranks.

Dr Gaby Bornheim has been elected as President of the VDR on 2 December 2021.

Dr Gaby Bornheim (President)
Managing Director

Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG, Hamburg

Peter Oltmann
Managing Proprietor

Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Oltmann mbH & Co. KG, Stade

Thomas Rehder
Managing Director

Carsten Rehder Schiffsmakler und Reederei GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Dr Maximilian Rothkopf
Chief Operating Officer

Hapag-Lloyd AG, Hamburg

Nikolaus H. Schües

Reederei F. Laeisz GmbH, Rostock

Dr Arnt Vespermann
Managing Director

CPO Containerschiffsreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG, Hamburg

Photos: Gesche Jäger, Hapag-Lloyd AG, Joerg Schwalfenberg, Offen Group, Reederei F. Laeisz GmbH/, VDR