The Management of the VDR is appointed by the Board of Directors and controls the Association’s day-to-day business operations.

Dr Martin Kröger
Chief Executive Officer

Association staff members

We will be pleased to assist you. This team, consisting of seasoned seafarers, experienced lawyers, merchants, economists, political scientists and knowledge managers, takes care of the interests of German shipping companies. 

Lorena Bücklers
Head of central services

Christian De Bilde
Business management

Jacqueline Dorloff

Sebastian Ebbing
Technical Advisor Climate, Marine fuels, Innovation and Funding

Claudia Ebeling
Assistance, address management

Irina Haesler
Head of EU Representation / Maritime Security Policy

Christian Naegeli
Marine Advisor Maritime Safety, Nautical & Technical Affairs, Environment

Wiebke Petersen
Legal Counsel

Karin Schätzler
Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Tilo Wallrabenstein
Senior Legal Counsel