Press releases – archive

German shipping sector strives for broad-based upswing in the markets
2021 balance and outlook / Market situation: “calm after the storm” following a dec-ade of crisis / Supply chains: call for collaboration / climate protection poses biggest challenge
Gaby Bornheim to be new president of the German Shipowners’ Association
VDR’s Board of Directors elects successor to Captain Alfred Hartmann
COP26 in Glasgow: Shipping to tighten its climate-protection targets
Strives for climate neutrality already by 2050 / International Chamber of Shipping subits proposal to IMO / German Shipowners’ Association one of the drivers behind proposal
EU climate-protection package: VDR welcomes publication of legislative proposals
German shipowners offer to engage in constructive dialogue / Measures should be practi-cable and IMO-compatible / Revenues for fuel research
Day of the Seafarer: Vaccinate seafarers without regard to nationality
Start of vaccination campaign in the Port of Hamburg / VDR and German Seamen’s Mission call for vaccination centres in all German seaports / Enable shore leave and travel / Thanks to seafarers