Press releases – archive

Pandemic fallout: German maritime shipping headed for deep crisis
VDR survey reflects dramatic revenue shortfalls / Corona could have even more serious consequences than the financial crisis / Germany’s role as a shipping location in jeopardy
Joint donation campaign for seafarers
The German Shipowners’ Association and the United Services Union will donate prepaid mobile phone cards and Wi-Fi boxes to seafarers stuck in German sea ports / handover at the DUCKDALBEN seafarers’ club on 15 May 2020
Thanks expressed to seafarers: video message on board from VDR President
Hartmann thanks thousands of seafarers on ships of the German merchant navy for commitment and dedication during the corona crisis / crew changes remain major problem
Supplying Germany’s islands: ferry services face enormous challenges
Corona crisis: island shipping services almost out of action / cruise shipping likewise affected / uncertainty about economic consequences of pandemic / seafarers make immense contribution
Corona crisis: Need to secure 300 million tonnes of ocean-borne supplies for Germany
VDR calls for open ports / concerns about seafarers: Crew changes, on-board supplies